I’m a creative at heart, and always will be. Since I was old enough to pick up a pencil I’ve been creating.

I love to make things, and my happiness comes from how successful those ‘things’ are.

I’m primarily a visual designer, although I define this quite broadly: graphic design, photography, audio/video production, illustration, animation, branding, marketing, product design and anything in between.

My biggest strength is my versatility, some have referred to me as the “one man advertising agency”. I’m well suited to working with small businesses as I can offer a complete and fully integrated marketing solution, with a singular vision and direction. Also suiting small business, my fees are a fraction of the cost of an advertising agency.

I’ve worked extensively in advertising, the cycling/sports industry, e-commerce and various other fields. In my career I’ve had the chance to push my skills to their limits and have constantly learned new things along the way. I enjoy being the ‘bleeding edge’ of my abilities and constantly forcing myself towards new heights of creativity.

I’ve won a number of awards including an Australian Business Achievement Award and an Australian Catalog Award. My work has traveled around the world, has been featured on TV, magazines and newspapers in various countries, and has even appeared in the Olympic Games via the Dutch National Cycling Team.

My goal is simply to keep pushing my talents further and further, to see what I’m capable of, in order to create truly remarkable work for myself and for clients! I want to create works that are so good they literally go down in history.

I offer my services worldwide. Please contact me to discuss your creative needs!

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